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Hair Revival – 5 Masks to Bring Back the Bounce in Your Hair

Is your dry and brittle hair desperately crying for help? Then it is time for you to give the hair the find it irresistible needs. And with love, we don't mean dousing it in harmful chemicals; we mean natural ingredients that enable your locks to breathe. What's more, these natural ingredients hail starting from your kitchen pantry and possibly won't set you back an extra penny. Here are 5 natural masks for your luxuriously smooth and glossy hair.


Onion Juice


Before you wrinkle your nose, here us out. Onion is power filled with sulphur that boosts collagen production, which promotes growth of hair. Cut an onion by two, squeeze out of the juice inside a bowl and lather it in the hair. twenty or so minutes later, wash the perfect solution is off nice hair with a mild sulphate-free shampoo.


Result – Hair which is as long as Rapunzel's.




Don't discard the idea just yet, as beer can literally work wonders for nice hair. Sure, you obtain shampoos infused with goodness of beer, but we advise you try the "organic" ones straight off the shelf. Beer contains hops, a component that can work its magic on hair like hardly any other. Don't believe us, do it yourself. After your family shampooing, rinse nice hair with beer. Work the brew to your locks for some minutes before rinsing and conditioning your mane as usual.


Result – You got yourself hair which is lustrously soft and silky.


Avocado & Olive Oil


A large amount of people recommend this hair pack and it also does work. Take ripe avocado, pitted, peeled and smashed into fine paste. Mix 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil using the smashed avocado. Work the paste into the damp hair. Make sure you have the hair end. Tuck the hair into a shower cap leaving it on for 20 min. Later, shampoo and condition flowing hair as usual.


Result – Say goodbye to brittle hair forever and introduce myself to gloriously soft-silky hair.


Aloevera Pulp


You know you can't ever go wrong with aloevera. Here is what you want to do. Cut the aloevera by 50 % and go ahead and take pulp within a bowl. Beat the pulp until it forms to a foamy consistency and lather it in your wet hair. Cover hair with a shower cap by leaving it on for 20 to half an hour; later shampoo and conditioner the hair as usual.


Result – No more flaky dandruff to ruin your worktime.




Mayonnaise sure does taste yummy with just about everything, but are you aware it can also double up as an exceptional conditioner? Mayonnaise contains amino acid and antioxidants that doesn't only enhances the texture of the hair, but additionally makes it strong. Spray trouble on hair to get it nicely prepped up for that treatment. Scoop mayonnaise and begin lathering up in the hair like you choose to do conditioner. Wrap your head inside a shower cap to counteract heat from escaping. Leave the mayo on for 20 mins or more depending on how damaged nice hair truly is. Later, shampoo and conditioner nice hair; it's likely you have to shampoo repeatedly to obtain the mayonnaise completely out.


Result – Hair that is certainly baby soft to touch.


If nothing you are doing is preventing baldness, it's time you seek advice from your doctor.